Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Best, Cattle Dog Resistant Chew Toy Ever

Indestructible Chew Toy for Cattle Dogs

If you have a cattle dog, there's a good chance that you have encountered their tenacity when it comes to chew toys. That tenacity includes the ability to destroy everything that is labelled indestructible.

It was quite the shock to discover how many chew toys are actually labelled as the toughest or what not, only to find that 10 to 30 minutes later it's been shredded, chomped or chewed up beyond recognition.

But last year I picked up a chew toy that was on sale in PetCo after the holidays because it was stupid cheap. What we did not realize was that of all the chew toys in the world, this one would not only last more than a few days, but it has lasted for a year and does not have a scratch on it from three cattle dogs chewing down on it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Good Poop Bags At A Great Price

Team Vader recommends these poop bags at a fantastic price
 The pooping patrol...

Normally we post about some of the cute adventures of the team or what not, but today is about some practicality!!! That practicality being about 'poop bags!'

I know we can hit up any store on the planet and buy poop bags for our pups 'poop-duction' efforts. But have you looked at the prices of these things? I saw one set of poop bags in a popular pet store where you can get 60 bags for $7. Seems reasonable. But then again I've seen single rolls go for the same price.

Wow. Nice. But on occasion, I've also taken note that I'm not fond of the quality of the bags. They seem pretty thin.

Be it for me to stand up and say one thing is better than the other, but I have to say, over on Amazon, I can nab 700 poop bags for $15. And they're fantastic bags.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hachikō - The True Testament of Loyalty

Hachikō - The True Testament of Loyalty

Hachikō  - The True Testament of Loyalty and Love and Proof That Dogs Are Not 'Just Animals.'

DISCLAIMER: Get some Kleenex's. If reading this doesn't grab you, I've added some videos that will.

There are times when we hear of stories of when animals trek surprising distances to find their owners. Or when they return to their original homes after being adopted out. This is true for dogs or cats.

Case in point: One year my grandmother's cat traveled 224 miles from Providence, RI to their summer home in Leeds, ME. Every summer the family would meet in Leeds and my grandparents would pack up the cats and head north. One year they forgot Shiner. (She had what looked like a black eye) They figured she would stick around the house in RI and neighbors would feed her.  But one summer afternoon, I was sitting on the front porch in ME watching the grass grow and here she came, bloody feet and all, after walking over 200 miles of cities, highways, deep woods, and at least two draw bridges. It was amazing. And she spent the rest of the summer recuperating on my bed and in my lap.

So not only have I read about loyalty but I've experienced it.

Then there's the story of Hachikō.

In 1924 an agricultural professor by the name of Hidesaburō Ueno, adopted a stray Akita dog and they developed a bond like no other over the next year. They even formed a habit where Hachikō would meet the professor at the end of the day at the train station when he got home from work.

Sadly, barely a year passed in their relationship when the professor suffered a cerebral hemorage at work in 1925. He was to never return home on the train to meet the pup at the train station.