Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Team Vader's Fun Weekend of Obstacles and Demos

This last weekend Vader and Lark had themselves some fun with the club's Play Day and BBQ outing last Saturday (9-12-15), along with helping participate in a fund raiser for Nike Animal Rescue Foundation (NARF) ( http://www.narfrescue.org/about/ ) by performing in a demo. IN addition, Sunday was a special kind of day celebrated in the best way possible. But more on that in a bit.

On Saturday Team Vader headed out to San Ramon for Disc Dogs of the Golden Gate's play day and BBQ.  The day involved a cool dog disc obstacle course which was troublesome for some, downright confusing to some dogs, and in the end, just plain, outright fun. No matter how the dogs did.

Friday, September 11, 2015

MOUNTAIN VIEW CA Extended Their Off-Leash Pilot Program

MOUNTAIN VIEW CA Extendeds Off-Leash Pilot Program

If you may or may not recall, back in June of 2014, we told you about how Mountain View was testing an off-leash pilot program for one year. We went to one of the parks and enjoyed the new legal liberation!

In that piece, we noted which parks, and when:

Dogs were allowed off-leash in "Designated Sections" at the following parks...

-Bubb Park,
-Cooper Park,
-Eagle Park,
-McKelvey Park,
-Whisman Park*,
-Cuesta Park* and
-Cuesta Annex!

Hours for dogs being off-leash were...

-Between the hours of 6am and 10am,
-In designated areas.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Very Cool Adoption Video From The SPCA

Cool Adoption Video From The SPCA

Below is a very cool, lip-synced production of a music video from the 'Wake County SPCA' that is lip-synced to an ABBA song called Take a Chance on Me. The was produced by POV Productions.

The video was initially created for a private screening for a black-tie annual event called The Fur Ball, an event put on by the Wake County SPCA (WC SPCA) to show off the efforts they put into their work.

It is a super fun video designed to help get some animals adopted and to bring awareness to their need for donations to get their job done.

Oh, and that dog in the last scene, Chance, was adopted immediately!!! (And keep your eyes peeled for the Mario Lopez look-alike!



Here are some cool and sad facts about the video.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Vader's Latest Deeds, Fun and Upcoming Events on Sept 12-13

THe Hugh Flying Disc Dog Vader at the Earthquakes Game Halftime Show

For most of you who are on Facebook, you already know some of the developments of our last few weeks. For those of you not over on FB, and that's understandable, we thought we would send a few updates your way.

The High Flying Disc Dog Vader at the Earthquakes Game Halftime Show

With that said, if there are any soccer fans out there who might have been at the Earthquakes/Galaxy game a few days back and you saw the halftime show, then you saw Vader out on the field with the Disc Dogs of the Golden Gate disc club doing a demo for the crowd.

Check out our Flickr Album Set from this event.

It was one of the most exciting, awesome experiences of our lives and we feel lucky to be a part of it.