Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dogs And The Fourth of July, Take Protective Measures

In a nutshell, if your dog does not like fireworks, keep them indoors for the few days leading up to July 4, and maybe even a day after. And microchip or double check that your microchip info is up to date. Just in case.


The Fourth of July is coming and most dog custodians know that with July 4th, some dogs can get pretty frightened or skiddish from the loud bangs going off in the sky all around them.

To dogs, fireworks are unnatural, shocking, and downright scary. Like the sky itself is barking at them and ripping apart. And that ain't right!

The sad and scary part of this entire process is that it's not just the fourth of July you have to worry about, but the week leading up to and possibly a few nights after the holiday.

That's because sometimes people feel the need to 'practice' with their big loud bang-makers before the big night. And for me, that's when I think some dog owners can be at the most risk, those days leading up to the fourth and not expecting it. A peer of mine in the disc dog world lost his dog to testing that took place a few nights prior to the 4th. And if a well trained disc dog can be impacted by this stuff, you do the math.


When fireworks and the like go off animals can react in different ways. Some don't care one bit. (If you're lucky.) Others will freak a bit, looking around, wondering what the hell is that!? Others will bolt for parts unknown in the house, hide under things or what not. They'll shake and shiver, possibly thinking the world is ending.

We know the world isn't ending. They don't.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Vader's Halftime Show Appearance At Avaya Stadium Over Memorial Day Weekend


Vader, as part of the Disc Dogs of the Golden Gate Frisbee dog show team, took part in some of the halftime events at Avaya Stadium, while the SJ Earthquakes faced off against the LA Galaxy team! Unfortunately LA won, 4 - 2!


But be it as it may, the disc dog show team went out and "played" with our pups and as always, we had quite the blast as we pulled off some moves and hearing the near-18k-strong audience cheering for each jump and catch!


Maybe next time we can bring better luck to the SJ Earthquakes!

You can see all our pics over on Vader's Flickr Album!