Monday, March 17, 2014

I Am The Outlaw Disc Dog!

I am Vader, and I am the OUTLAW DISC DOG!  Yes, that's what I am. (And I think I am the first to coin this term, today, 3-17-14.  We can't find it anywhere else on the web!)


When my human and I practice our disc and freestyle routines, it's fun and an exhilarating experience to work with my human buddy and chase the disc.  But we have to do this with me off my leash.  Can't be doing flips and disc chases on a leash, no matter how good we are!

The other day we were at a park and one of the grumpy, unsocial neighbors, we think, called the cops.  While we were practicing, a police car pulled up and parked right behind us on the street, idling.  (Yes, wasting gas, but she was on a mission.)  The fine officer did not see us do anything wrong because I was on the leash from the moment she showed up.

We left about 15 minutes later...  and found a different spot to do our thing.

It's funny how grumpy some people can become.  For no reason, but it's OK, we still get our time in together.  And it's sad how some fellow dog owners can be so lazy to help create an air of negativity for the good dog owners.  But it is what it is.

But because so many dog owners do take the liberty of having their dog off leash in many scenarios that I've decided that I am Vader, and I am an Outlaw Disc Dog!  SO be it, whatever it takes to ever so slowly work my way towards more championships.