Monday, March 20, 2017

Vader's Cute Moment of the Week, If Not Ever

Disc Dog fans cab be so cute

So there we were, Vader and I were playing around in the local park. Vader was doing some spins, me some flips... OK, that's a lie. If I ever flipped it would be a one-way trip planting myself in the grass to sprout in the spring!

But Vader and I were practicing and there was a little girl, her name I later learned was Sarah, she was around eight or nine years old, and she was watching us from afar. She seemed interested but shy.

So I 'accidentally' tossed a disc in her direction and ambled over towards her and started chatting with her.

Turns out she comes to the park almost every day at this time and liked watching me practice with my dog.

I told her why I was practicing and she told me it was a good thing to practice things.

She then dug into her pocket, pulled out fifty cents and offered me her money, saying it wasn't ,much and probably won't buy much for dog toys but she really liked the show.

Tears almost welled up in my eyes... I'm sure it was just allergies, and I told her that we do shows for free for some people and that she should hang on to her money for something else for herself.

She said thanks and she hopes to see me and my dog some more at the park.

Some small fans can be so cute!