Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Halloween Parade Gone Awry

ACD Vader and his jockey headed to a Halloween parade!

Last Saturday my owners and I went to go watch a Halloween parade where kids dressed up and trick and treated in the town at the local businesses.  It's always a fun time to have.

But when I dressed up, I did not anticipate the attention we would get.  I tried to blend.

Instead, as the parade walked by my humans and I, everyone was stopping to take pictures of me!  How embarrassing!  And yet, I love the attention.

There are a few more pictures in my Facebook Halloween Parade album.

Vader World's Doggie Spit Art

Vader here, from Vader's World. 

If you've ever heard of when a dog's owner says that the tennis ball or disc (Frisbee) is slimy from play, that's because as dogs play hard, we sweat through our feet.  And we regulate our body temperature through our breathing.  Or panting to get that cool air in our lungs and body.

We also tend to drool and accumulate some doggie saliva which gets on the disc!

But about that spit art!

When our humans throw our disc, after several quick rounds, well, we tend to drool on the disc.  And it accumulates.  Most of the time you never see what does build up, but in the right light, well, we canines can't help it.  It's not our fault.



Dog spit flies from a Frisbee...

There's a few more pics in my Facebook album called Dog Spit Art.