Welcome to Vader's World, the site dedicated to Vader, and his team of rescue disc dogs (Team Vader), or as they might be called in their "Purina Incredible Dog Challenge" contests, Freestyle Flying Disc Dogs. Team Vader could also be referred to as a stunt dog team.

The important thing to know is that Team Vader will always be a team of adopted rescue dogs! When there are millions of deserving animals out there, abandoned in shelters, it makes no sense to us to pay for breeder products when nearly 2 million shelter animals are euthanized each year.


Vader is an Australian Cattle Dog or Queensland Blue Heeler.  Other references to the breed include just 'cattle dog' or ACD. We adopted Vader and Lark from Performance ResQ, Inc, in Somerset, CA, both when they were around the age of 1 year old. We adopted Vader first, then about a year later, Lark, then Rue.  Vader's previous owner just up and left him with his pet-sitter. And we thank you for that!

When we got Vader, (the name he came with), we learned that he and other herding breed dogs like him have a high prey/toy drive that needs satiating. If they don't have something to do or a job to accomplish they can go a bit crazy on you, chirping and whining a lot as their energies build up. You need to vent those energies.

We started out playing a lot of ball with Vader, which evolved into disc catching. (We tend to call them discs because Frisbee is a Whamo copyrighted term, but most will reference the hobby as Frisbee dog sports). From there we were referred to what is called a "Toss and Fetch" competition at the local disc dog club. This then evolved into freestyle flying disc dog (Frisbee dog) competitions, performances and public demonstrations.

Through it all, Vader was a hard biter and destroyed discs on a daily basis until we landed upon the Hero Disc USA Canine discs, called the Super Aero discs (back then, now called K9 Candy discs.).

Adopting a dog like Vader, we had no clue what that would lead to, but we were dedicated to our word when we adopted him and it has been an amazing and fun journey. From all the local competition medals Vader has won, to the various appearances in print, TV or live sporting and SPCA events, it's been one heck of a journey. It's been a journey in a world we had no clue existed until we were dragged into it by our destiny with Vader.

We picked up Lark a little over a year later, and a little after that, we rescued our "cute factor" team member, Rue, who is a Chihuahua/Cattle Dog mix. (I know, they're all cute. She's just a bit cuter!) And now, we also have our newest edition, Zorro.


zorro 20190202_161303a
And thank you for coming by and visiting Vader's World. The Rescue Disc Dog Team.

Soaring Blue K9s gang

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