Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Help Find Farris The Missing Min-Pin, In The Central Valley

Lost small dog, a black miniature pinscher, in Central California

This is Farris. a cute, lovable MinPin (Miniature Pinscher)... his parents left him with a pet-sitter before going on vacation but before anyone knew it, he had escaped his pet-sitter's home. Regardless of how, here's what details we know.

Lost small dog, a black miniature pinscher, in Central California, from Newman CA

--Farris went missing from the pet-sitter's home in the northern part of Newman, CA.

--Farris real home is in Gustine, CA.

--He's been missing since the first week of July, 2018.

--NO, I'm sorry to say that he is not chipped.


I hope we can share this to the web, rescues, organizations both far and wide... in the hope... beyond hope, that someone, somewhere, knows or has seen him.

Even though it's been over 100 degrees everyday out there in the Central Valley of CA, and the region is populated by numerous coyotes, the owners are still hoping that he did not die some horrible death from the heat, a car or predation by coyotes.

Farris is my friend. His humans are my friends. I am posting this in the extreme and desperate hope that someone might have spotted or found him and took him in and maybe listed him on a missing or found stray dog bulletin board, I'm placing this post in hope.

It's a horrifying thing when a trusted person loses your beloved family member. I'm hoping there's a slim chance we can find and reunite this family.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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