Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dog Sports: Why Get Dogs a "Dog Disc?"

Getting the right disc for your sport dog

If you've ever chatted up a competitive disc dog player/enthusiast, you may have encountered the perspective that they use specific discs made for the sporting world of "Disc Dogs."  It's all about personal preference, but more importantly, it's about the safety of your pup.

You'll also discover that there's a bunch of interesting info you might be interested in learning about this fun sport of disc dogs.



As a dog owner, you have all kinds of options for flying toys for your dog in the pet store, and for the most part, they're all great options.  Most dog owners might go out once a day and spend a few minutes having their pup chase tennise balls, oddly shaped or flying and bouncing toys.  It all depends on the pup.

Having ended up buying several dozen discs over the last year (Probably way over the 100 count so far), I've settled on a disc model and brand that best suits my dog, Vader.  And choice of disc is just as much about preference, performance and dog favoritism as anything.

The discs I use, I purchase from Hero Disc USA and they're called the Super Aero.  They were softer than most discs and still have decent flight characteristics.  Though to date, the Super Aero I fell in love with was the gen-1, and they've recently come out with a gen-2 which is slightly stiffer.  Still a good disc, but my pup is very selective in his discs.


Getting dog discs for your sport dog

So why dog-marketed discs?  Here's a tale (not tail) of what I've learned along the way.

First up, you might notice that dog discs are thinner around the edge.  That makes it easier for the dog to grab and hold on to.  Some regular discs (or Frisbees) can be pretty thick around the edge.

Sure, I bet there are a few of you out there that say it's not been a problem.  I understand that. But I'd hate to see you find out the hard way that it is or could be a problem.

Dog discs range from a touch softer disc material to a much softer material.  Or, as marketed, they're more puncture resistant than most discs.

Some folks use the cloth discs but with Vader's hard chomping power, we've been warned that a cloth disc might not be best for him because there's no resistance for his chomping teeth, and thus, he could break his teeth.

So we graduated from cloth to plastic dog discs.

When we started using these, Vader was going through them pretty fast.  I'd say one or two a week.  That included our sanding down the edges.

A standard dog disc, after one session, had dozens of jagged tooth holes.  A Super Aero, being more puncture resistant, we might see one break in the surface of the disc after one session.

I can attest, they last a lot longer than any other disc on the market we've tried.  Well, to be more accurate, versus any other disc we tried out with Vader.



Yes, I mentioned sanding the discs.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Vader's Next Disc Competition - Dixon CA

Hey all!  My next disc competition with Vader will be out at Dixon, CA, (map) at the

Cinco de Fido II - UFO (World Cup Series) Local Tournament

on Sat, May 3, 9am – 3pm


Whether your dog has never seen a disc before, you've been playing in the park for a while, or you're a seasoned disc dog veteran, we invite you out for a day filled with family-friendly fun and flying, flipping, disc-catching-crazy dogs!

We encourage any and all skill levels to enter the fun. There are three divisions to choose from: Novice, Intermediate and Open and prizes for first through third place in each. There will also be a long distance competition with men’s and women’s divisions (along with their dogs, of course!)

Come on out to Hall Park in Dixon and join the fun!

Entry fees: Novice $5;  Intermediate $7;  and Open $10. See the UFO website ( for more information. Registration begins at 9:00AM and the fun begins at 10!

More Dock Diving Fun from Hollister (4-27-14)

Some friends met us out at Doggone Dirty Dock Diving facility out in Hollister and we had more fun.  Plus, with a new camera, we found ourselves getting much better moments of our buddies and their humans!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

My latest Dock Diving Adventures

Vader, taking a practice leap at Doggone Dirty Dock Diving pool

My latest dock diving adventure took place out in Hollister, CA, at the Doggone Dirty Dock Diving facility.

My buddies and I had a blast!

DSC08953-1_resize - Dock Diving Dogs

DSC08885-1_resize - Dock Diving Dogs

DSC08895-1_resize Dock Diving Dogs

DSC08905-1_resize Dock Diving Dogs

If you're any where near the facility and want to spend some time seeing if your pup is dock dive ready, rent an hour or so.  The facility owner, Rhonna, is awesome and spends quality time coaching and teaching... which ever part of the team, human or canine, that needs the finer skills that help have fun in this sport.

Proof of total fun being had by all:

DSC08952-1_resize - Dock Diving Dogs having crazy fun!!
Oh yea, oh yea, toss it, toss it!!! 


Check out the website for the Dock Diving facility.

And here's my set of pics from my Dock Diving Practice, on Flickr.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Vader Hits Up Fort Funston Beach Again...

Vader and friends on Ft Funston beach

Well, we hit up the beach at Fort Funston over the weekend.  We can't find any real updates regarding the status of the beach, as far as dogs still being allowed, but for now, they're still allowed here, on Crissy Field and other dog-friendly locations around San Francisco.

So now what?

I played with other dogs...

Vader and friends on Ft Funston beach

I played with some smaller humans...