Thursday, April 24, 2014

My latest Dock Diving Adventures

Vader, taking a practice leap at Doggone Dirty Dock Diving pool

My latest dock diving adventure took place out in Hollister, CA, at the Doggone Dirty Dock Diving facility.

My buddies and I had a blast!

DSC08953-1_resize - Dock Diving Dogs

DSC08885-1_resize - Dock Diving Dogs

DSC08895-1_resize Dock Diving Dogs

DSC08905-1_resize Dock Diving Dogs

If you're any where near the facility and want to spend some time seeing if your pup is dock dive ready, rent an hour or so.  The facility owner, Rhonna, is awesome and spends quality time coaching and teaching... which ever part of the team, human or canine, that needs the finer skills that help have fun in this sport.

Proof of total fun being had by all:

DSC08952-1_resize - Dock Diving Dogs having crazy fun!!
Oh yea, oh yea, toss it, toss it!!! 


Check out the website for the Dock Diving facility.

And here's my set of pics from my Dock Diving Practice, on Flickr.

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