Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Halloween Parade Gone Awry

ACD Vader and his jockey headed to a Halloween parade!

Last Saturday my owners and I went to go watch a Halloween parade where kids dressed up and trick and treated in the town at the local businesses.  It's always a fun time to have.

But when I dressed up, I did not anticipate the attention we would get.  I tried to blend.

Instead, as the parade walked by my humans and I, everyone was stopping to take pictures of me!  How embarrassing!  And yet, I love the attention.

There are a few more pictures in my Facebook Halloween Parade album.

Vader World's Doggie Spit Art

Vader here, from Vader's World. 

If you've ever heard of when a dog's owner says that the tennis ball or disc (Frisbee) is slimy from play, that's because as dogs play hard, we sweat through our feet.  And we regulate our body temperature through our breathing.  Or panting to get that cool air in our lungs and body.

We also tend to drool and accumulate some doggie saliva which gets on the disc!

But about that spit art!

When our humans throw our disc, after several quick rounds, well, we tend to drool on the disc.  And it accumulates.  Most of the time you never see what does build up, but in the right light, well, we canines can't help it.  It's not our fault.



Dog spit flies from a Frisbee...

There's a few more pics in my Facebook album called Dog Spit Art.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Won My First Disc Toss Tournament

Hey gang, Vader here!  Guess what?

Well, first a little background.

A few months ago my human and I entered a Disc Dog contest.  We didn't do too well, but it was a good learning experience.  After that, my human practiced every morning with the discs, and then would practice almost every day with me, with disc catching.

It's a fine art between me running and his throwing and timing it just right.  It doesn't seem much different than being a quarterback on a football team.  Except you don't get hit or run over by big guys in a Dog Disc competition.

So come last Sunday, we go to the latest competition.  Morning practice, every human had a grip on tossing their discs, so practice was good.

Then round 1 came up.  But so did the winds!  Everyone, including my guy, didn't throw too well.

Round 2 came up and my team came up with an idea.  Don't throw so far.  (You see, the farther a dog has to run to catch a disc, the more points they get.)

But since everyone was throwing bad and trying to beat the wind, my guy decided to throw "short," if you can call 60 feet short!  Throwing short also gave me a chance to jump for it.  (You get bonus points for jump catches)

Sure enough, we did incredibly well in the second round and boom!, we scored so high in round two that we won our division!

Yay for us!

If you want, come by and say hi over on my Facebook page, Vader's World!  We'd love to have you visit!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Watch my Friend Make People Cry...

Hi, Vader here!  My human found this TV ad on YouTube and I thought it would be a great thing to share... that even though this might be a make-believe scene, we do care about our peeps!

I hope you enjoy the message it sends.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Playing Disc Catch for the little Fans in the Park

When I hit up the park, you can hear the voices of people that recognize me.  "There goes that dog."  Or once I start playing catch with my people, kids and parents say ooh and ah.  Usually it's pretty quietly done.  But sometimes, the crowd gathers and it's fun to fly through the air for them.

Check it out, then come by and like Vader's World on Facebook to keep up with all the action.


Monday, July 1, 2013

My name is Vader

Hey gang...  my name is Vader.  I'm an Australian Cattle Dog... and I love chasing and catching things.  Tennis balls, discs, what have you.  My humans adopted (not rescued) me in December of 2012.  And the rest is nothing but time filled with training (them) and fun.

Chat with you later everyone.