Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Upcoming Crazy Weekend Schedule (9-27,28-14)

Lark, Vader and our neighbor, Max

Hey gang, I know you haven't heard from Team Vader in a while. We've been busy relocating our base of operation and adding a new (sister) member to the pack. 

Team Vader is now based out of Morgan Hill, CA. And we've been super busy with our moving from Menlo Park over the last few weeks.

We also want to welcome LARK to the team. She's a new addition to the team and is an 18-monthy-old ACD mix.  We get along awesomely. (That big guy in the background is Max. One of our neighbors.)

And last weekend, we took second place in the Disc Dogs of the Golden Gate tournament in the PRO DIVISION of Toss and Fetch!

Be that as it may, we've been pretty dang busy and this upcoming weekend is NO EXCEPTION!

This Saturday, Sept 27th, we'll be at the Third Annual FIESTA DEL PERRO event, doing demos at 1 and 3pm!