Dog Disc Resources

A list of Dog Discs, why dog discs, vaulting vests 

- Hero Disc USA;*
- DTW;*
- Hyperflite, from SkyHoundz;
- -                        Misprints/Blems;
- Pet Food Express Fastbacks;

*Discs may seem pricey, but these suppliers also have what are called blems or misprints and are offered at half-price. The only difference between these and the full-price discs are visual and not performance based.

Why Special Discs for Dogs?

Why discs for dogs?;
Now that you have discs, what's a good Dog Disc Bag?;
Practicing with your Dog Discs!;

Some stuff I personally slapped together:

National Disc Dog Orgs:

Basics For Throwing A Disc: 
(Correcting Issues, Examples, Muscle Memory, Distance)

Getting Your Dog Interested In the DISC:

The Variety of Disc Throws for Freestyle:

Beginning Disc Dog Vaulting Basics, 101:

Conversations About Freestyle and Toss & Fetch Ideas:

Forget the dog! What about me!! Yes, dog vaulting can hurt, here's how to protect yourself so you don't look like Freddy Kruger was scratching your back.  (Unless that's what you named your dog.)

- Vaulting Vests by DK Douglas. (This company closed its doors recently)

Basically, a good neoprene divers' vest or other protective like vests will help alleviate the pain of vaulting, if you even go there (vaulting your dog).

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