Wednesday, September 4, 2019

SAVING A DOG'S LIFE: Mojo's Mission That Could Be Yours

SAVING A DOG'S LIFE: Mojo's Mission
[Originally published 10-26-16, republished 9-4-19]

The following is an inspired piece with suggestions for friends of incarcerated, Ill Or Elderly Dog Owners. It's a plea for your help, for the dogs.


The other day I read where a helpless tiny chihuahua named Mojo starved to death, because he was locked in a room by his elderly owner with Alzheimer's, who completely forgot about him. He was discovered too late and despite rescuer's efforts, little Mojo sadly passed away.

Another case I read about was where a woman who was sentenced to prison and she told no one about her one-year-old puppy back at home.  The puppy was so in love with his owner, that while starving to death, crawled onto a pile of his owner's clothes, looking for comfort while dying, and eventually starved to death, all alone. The abandoned pet was discovered when neighbors noted a fly infestation coming from the residence.


My heart cries out in anguish for these poor, defenseless victims of this kind of slow, cruel tragedy. I can only hope that they have a better experience now that they've crossed that mythical rainbow bridge.


For the first case, Mojo, there is a Facebook page dedicated to helping prevent these kinds of tragedies. On this page, you will find Mojo's Mission, a statement or plea for help that has been created by the people to help save innocent victims like this. Their challenge to you, me and anyone else who might read this is as follows:

Reach out
To your local vet's offices;
Your local Senior Centers;
Your local Area Agency on Aging;
Your local churches.