Monday, January 19, 2015

The Very Latest (And Last?) Addition to Team Vader

As you know, back in October of 2014, we announced Lark as the newest team member to join (adopted from a rescue shelter) Team Vader.

Lark is coming along just fine, albeit slowly. We don't have quite the time we truly need to work on her skills until it starts staying light longer.  But alas, I am skipping out on the reason we are chatting.

Most recently in early January we've added one more member to the ranks of Team Vader's disc dog team. Or at least, that is a hopeful disc dog member. Either way, we do love her.

She was originally known in the San Martin shelter as Wendy, but we've decided to rename this one and call her Rue. Rue is about eight months old and on her paperwork it says she is an ACD / Chihuahua mix.

Say hi to Rue:

Right now she's more Chihuahua than she is ACD... loves laps and naps though on occasion she does get bursts of energy and keeps up with the gang during practice ...

And there you have it, the latest and last pup to join Team Vader, Rue.

So the team consists of Vader, Lark and Rue.

In fact, here's Rue and Lark watching while Liam the cat is training Bruce and Vader...


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Welcome to A Dog's New Year

Hi everyone. Welcome to 2015 where Vader and his partner, Lark, are going to have themselves some fun in it.

The gang has been practicing morning and night. Mostly for the fun though. We've recently put up a few shots from our practice session on our Facebook and Flickr pages.

Some of you may have seen these latest pics but just in case you haven't, we have included a few preview pics for you!