Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Won My First Disc Toss Tournament

Hey gang, Vader here!  Guess what?

Well, first a little background.

A few months ago my human and I entered a Disc Dog contest.  We didn't do too well, but it was a good learning experience.  After that, my human practiced every morning with the discs, and then would practice almost every day with me, with disc catching.

It's a fine art between me running and his throwing and timing it just right.  It doesn't seem much different than being a quarterback on a football team.  Except you don't get hit or run over by big guys in a Dog Disc competition.

So come last Sunday, we go to the latest competition.  Morning practice, every human had a grip on tossing their discs, so practice was good.

Then round 1 came up.  But so did the winds!  Everyone, including my guy, didn't throw too well.

Round 2 came up and my team came up with an idea.  Don't throw so far.  (You see, the farther a dog has to run to catch a disc, the more points they get.)

But since everyone was throwing bad and trying to beat the wind, my guy decided to throw "short," if you can call 60 feet short!  Throwing short also gave me a chance to jump for it.  (You get bonus points for jump catches)

Sure enough, we did incredibly well in the second round and boom!, we scored so high in round two that we won our division!

Yay for us!

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