Thursday, September 10, 2015

Very Cool Adoption Video From The SPCA

Cool Adoption Video From The SPCA

Below is a very cool, lip-synced production of a music video from the 'Wake County SPCA' that is lip-synced to an ABBA song called Take a Chance on Me. The was produced by POV Productions.

The video was initially created for a private screening for a black-tie annual event called The Fur Ball, an event put on by the Wake County SPCA (WC SPCA) to show off the efforts they put into their work.

It is a super fun video designed to help get some animals adopted and to bring awareness to their need for donations to get their job done.

Oh, and that dog in the last scene, Chance, was adopted immediately!!! (And keep your eyes peeled for the Mario Lopez look-alike!


Here are some cool and sad facts about the video.

Produced and put on YouTube in 2011.

The video had a $32 budget (The confetti), made possible by 60 volunteers.

POV Productions donated their time and services to create the video.

It took five months to create (I could have sworn I saw somewhere they did this in one take, but I can't find some of the sources that said that.)

It looked fun to make.

It snagged 65K views pretty fast.


Universal Music Group (UMG) (Hmm, one of the same groups that squashed a video I tried posting a few weeks ago) and ABBA took offense to the video and had it pulled from YouTube, despite WC SPCA offering to pay the usage fee.

In one response, UMG said it looked too professional.

The shelter replied,

“I don’t blame them. After all, homeless pets and animal shelters aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and maybe they don’t want their brand associated with homeless animals.”

But then bootleg versions of the video started to get more momentum again in 2013.

It went up on VIMEO, but it was pulled by UMG... again.

It was questioned why UMG would not put ads on the video.  Copyright holders can insert ads in videos and make money off the customized videos. In one case, "PSY’s “Gangnam Style” song made more than $8 million from the 1.2 billion times it and its numerous parodies were viewed on YouTube."

And yet UMG / ABBA would not budge on the issue.

- - -

JUST in case the above version is gone, here's a sort of work-around to see the full effect of the video:

1) Open but DON'T START this video: {}
2) Open but DON'T START this video: {}

With the videos opened side-by-side, start the first one, then at the eight-second mark, start the second one.

You can then minimize (not stop) the second one and enjoy.

- - -

Here's a behind-the-scenes video, if you're interested:

- - -

Sources and more info on the silliness about this video:

spcawake: LipDubVideo

pet360: the-backstory-behind-the-spca-of-wake-countys-viral-video

- - -

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