Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Good Poop Bags At A Great Price

Team Vader recommends these poop bags at a fantastic price
 The pooping patrol...

Normally we post about some of the cute adventures of the team or what not, but today is about some practicality!!! That practicality being about 'poop bags!'

I know we can hit up any store on the planet and buy poop bags for our pups 'poop-duction' efforts. But have you looked at the prices of these things? I saw one set of poop bags in a popular pet store where you can get 60 bags for $7. Seems reasonable. But then again I've seen single rolls go for the same price.

Wow. Nice. But on occasion, I've also taken note that I'm not fond of the quality of the bags. They seem pretty thin.

Be it for me to stand up and say one thing is better than the other, but I have to say, over on Amazon, I can nab 700 poop bags for $15. And they're fantastic bags.

They come in blue or black and they also come with bag dispenser.

Sure, 700 seems like a crazy number, but think of all the possibilities.

-It's been almost a year and half since I bought poop bags,

-You help your fellow lazy-ass... I mean pet owner when they obviously need a bag, because god knows, right now YOU HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH,

-If you're part of a dog club and someone's athlete has a poop-ccidnet, how can you not have bags in your possession.

I bought these i was worried about the quality, considering the price-per-bag (or price per poop!) and have been very very happy with my purchase...

Though there is one problem with them and that's where the bloody heck do you store 700 poop bags!? The other problem comes when your wife says we're out of bags. And you go, "WHAT? How? We bought 700 of them way back.... hmm, fine."

Just saying.

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