Saturday, October 11, 2014

What's New With Vader's World, October 2014?

Hey gang, there's been a few changes that have taken place here in Vader's World, so I thought I'd give you a quickie update.

New Home

First up... We've changed our base of operations. We used to live in Menlo Park but for various reasons, we've relocated to a new "bat cave," so to speak. Now we are based out of Morgan Hill, CA. It's neat out here because we're surrounded by wild life. But that could have its down side too. Well, that is if you count the giant spiders and rattlesnakes we've seen so far.

Don't worry. We've located the closest 24-hour vet and confirmed they carry anti-venom! If you live in a region with snakes, you should always determine who the closest vet and 24-hour vet is, who makes it a habit to carry anti-venom. Then if something bad happens, you already know where you can go without the stress of trying to figure out when minutes count!



We brought a new family member into the fold, and her name is Lark. (The giant German Shepherd is Max, our neighbor's dog)

She's a sweet puppy or my new little sister. One expert says that from looking at her, she has a few features that make her think that Lark is mostly ACD with some Pit Bull in her.

Which would explain her extreme happy butt swing when she wags her tail pretty hard! It's cute to watch! And nice that she has a tail and no one has docked it, like mine!



A few weeks ago we did a demo in Roseville for another animal adoption agency and it was fun, despite the heat.  We also got a "money shot" out of it! Boo ya!

We also took Lark to Hollister to check out some dock diving.  She happily took to the exit/practice ramp, but she was more reserved about launching from the ramp. But that's OK, this was her very first time and she had a blast.


Our upcoming event will be in Dixon for the Crusty Classic, on October 25th and 26th. Maybe we'll see you there! It will be a huge, multi-organizational event that DDotGG is hosting!

That's all for now gang.

IMAGES from the demo and dock diving can be found on my Facebook Page Album (Roseville Demo) (Dock Diving with Vader) or in a non-Facebook location, on Flicker, at Disc Dog Demos and Dock Diving.

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