Wednesday, October 26, 2016

SAVING A DOG'S LIFE: Mojo's Mission That Could Be Yours

SAVING A DOG'S LIFE: Mojo's Mission

The following is an inspired piece with suggestions for friends of incarcerated, Ill Or Elderly Dog Owners. It's a plea for your help, for the dogs.


The other day I saw a case where a helpless tiny chihuahua named Mojo starved to death, locked in a room all alone, for no other reason than his elderly owner with Alzheimer's forgot about him. He was discovered too late and despite rescuer's efforts, little Mojo passed away.

Another case I read about was where a woman was sentenced to prison and she told no one about her one-year-old pup back at home.  The pup, so in love with his owner, while starving to death, crawled onto a pile of his owner's clothes, looking for comfort while dying, and eventually starving to death, all alone. The abandoned pet was discovered when neighbors noted a fly infestation coming from the residence.


My heart cries out in anguish and my tears run free for these poor, defenseless victims of this kind of slow, cruel tragedy. I can only hope that they have a better experience now that they've crossed that mythical rainbow bridge.


For the first case, Mojo, there is a Facebook page dedicated to helping prevent these kinds of languishing tragedies. On this page, you will find Mojo's Mission, a statement or plea for help that has been created by the people to help save innocent victims like this. Their challenge to you, me and anyone else who might read this is as follows:

Reach out
To your local vet's offices;
Your local Senior Centers;
Your local Area Agency on Aging;
Your local churches. 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The 2016 Pet Food Express Bay Area Pet Fair With Stunt Dog Productions

Last weekend Vader & friends were part of a show with Stunt Dog Productions at one of the biggest pet adoption fairs in California, called the Pet Food Express Bay Area Pet Fair held at the Marin Center at San Rafael, CA on Oct 15 & 16, 2016. The Stunt Dog Productions team put on demos throughout the weekend.

Over the last few years, the Bay Area Pet Fair got over 3,700 pets adopted into new homes and boasts an attendance of over 75,000 animal lovers.


Saturday was a crazy day. The weather was an angry mistress with blustery winds and at times, heavy rain. But thank goodness we were performing under a "big top" tarp.

On top of that, Cesar Millan was in the Bay Area region filming for his new show with his son Andre, called Dog Nation. The show will premiere in February, 2017 on Nat Geo Wild.

After spending the week in the Bay Area, Cesar held two shows at the Fair, resulting in the Stunt Dogs team sharing the "big top" with Cesar and Andre.  No matter what anyone may say, Cesar puts on a funny show and showed that there's no editing involved with how fast he can introduce change with problem dogs.

Our shows on Saturday had huge crowds despite the weather, but the only photography that took place was when Cesar's production team taped our second show and interviewed our Stunt Dog team leader. Yea, no pressure there!

On Sunday we had a great rehearsal round for the show, then performed two more stunt dog shows for the day.

All in all, it ended up being a great weekend as we pulled together a fantastic show with a great team which included Vader, Lark, our bud Kristen and her pup Barley and Sara Carson and her pups. Wow, watching Sara put on a show is an amazing thing to watch!

You can check out more pics from the demo over on Vader's Flickr album.
If the first Flickr link does not work, try this one. (
Or let us know in the comments that you're having issues opening the album. Thanks.

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Stunt Dog

Bay Area Pet

Cesar Millan returns in February with Dog Nation

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Be Prepared: Know Your 24-Hour Vet Locations!

Know Your 24-Hour Vet Locations! A message from Vader, the Disc Dog

Always Be Prepared For Pet Emergencies, And Know Your 24-Hour Vet Locations!


Whether it be a something silly or something serious, when something affects your pet after normal business hours of your local Vet, there aren't too many options one might have. Plus, being outside normal business hours, sometimes the simplest of maladies can bring on a life of their own.

One of the problems with encountering issues after hours is whether you want to wait until the next day to have something looked at, and see if it rights itself or not.

But waiting for somewhere between 12 and 18 hours may not always be your best option, if say, your pup gets a foxtail up his or her nose or eats somthing funky. Waiting those 12 to 18 hours could potentially mean the difference of a simple procedure to something potentially worse.

And in 99% of the time, conferring with Facebook Animal groups or pages IS NOT the best way to go.


On the other end of the spectrum of maldies, if your pup got attacked by another dog or hit by a car, you would need immediate medical attention.

It's moments like these when your own adrenaline and panic modes will probably kick in. And when you are under an extreme amount of duress, are you at your best? Or at your most efficient?

Maybe, then again, maybe not.


It's always good to be prepared for emergencies or other unforeseen events. Here are a few things you can do to be more prepared, if you have not already done these: