Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Be Prepared: Know Your 24-Hour Vet Locations!

Know Your 24-Hour Vet Locations! A message from Vader, the Disc Dog

Always Be Prepared For Pet Emergencies, And Know Your 24-Hour Vet Locations!


Whether it be a something silly or something serious, when something affects your pet after normal business hours of your local Vet, there aren't too many options one might have. Plus, being outside normal business hours, sometimes the simplest of maladies can bring on a life of their own.

One of the problems with encountering issues after hours is whether you want to wait until the next day to have something looked at, and see if it rights itself or not.

But waiting for somewhere between 12 and 18 hours may not always be your best option, if say, your pup gets a foxtail up his or her nose or eats somthing funky. Waiting those 12 to 18 hours could potentially mean the difference of a simple procedure to something potentially worse.

And in 99% of the time, conferring with Facebook Animal groups or pages IS NOT the best way to go.


On the other end of the spectrum of maldies, if your pup got attacked by another dog or hit by a car, you would need immediate medical attention.

It's moments like these when your own adrenaline and panic modes will probably kick in. And when you are under an extreme amount of duress, are you at your best? Or at your most efficient?

Maybe, then again, maybe not.


It's always good to be prepared for emergencies or other unforeseen events. Here are a few things you can do to be more prepared, if you have not already done these:


One: Find the closest 24-hour vet to your location. Find out how many there are in a certain range from your home. Look them up to make sure they have a decent set of reviews from consumers.

Why more than one? Just in case something unforeseen has happened to your first choice. Having a plan B can never hurt, right? What if your 'plan A' have a power outage or a city main just burst and the facility is flooded. Plan B it is then!!!

Two: Bookmark/star the 24-hour vet's address(es) in your phones' map software. There's nothing worse than trying to be in a hurry, while emotionally distressed and trying to look something up.

There are two good reasons to mark this emergency pet hospital in your mapping app.

A: It eliminates needing to look them up.

You pull up the app, open it, scroll to the favorites list or starred location on your map, tap, and you are on your way without nary a thought.

B: You want to be able to get to the emercency clinic as fast as possible. 

Sure, it's five miles straight up the road from you on El Camino Real. Right? But if there's some monster traffic issue on the road between you and your destination, then your mapping software will immediately know about it and send you around the problem on the more efficient route.

Three: CALL as you're headed there.

This will verify they are indeed still open. Last thing you want is to have two choices that you're between on the map, and heading off in the wrong direction wasting time if something is amiss at your first choice.


When your pet is in immediate distress, the last thing you need is to be part of the problem. Plan ahead, find your closest 24-hour emergency clinic or two and mark those destinations in your mapping app. Eliminate this pressure, because more than likely you'll be under enough pressure from the emergency as it is.

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