Monday, June 13, 2016

The 2016 Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge Western Regionals

Bruce and Disc Dog Vader at the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge

This is our experience participating in the 2016 Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge (PPPIDC) western regional event held in Huntington Beach, CA.

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This year Vader & I decided to try and participate in the PPPIDC western regional event held in HB, CA. When all was said and done, it ended up becoming one heck of a learning experience, that's for sure.


Due to some scenarios in the week leading up to the event, we ended up leaving home at midnight (Thursday night) and arrived in time to line up for registration for the qualifier that was taking place on Friday morning. The qualifier for the Flying Disc Dogs was limited to the first 15 participants and the top two finishers (or more, at the sponsor's discretion) would go on to the competition showcase on Saturday.

I was pretty nervous at first when I arrived, signed up and gave them my USB stick with my music, but as more competitors for my division showed up, my nerves went away. That's because some of the top-tier competitors in the sport were showing up to participate in the qualifier I was eyeballing.

Vader, the disc dog, surveying the PPPIDC competition field

With my nerves calmed, I was able to relax and enjoy the experience of being here and competing/playing on this famous Purina Pro Plan IDC venue.

Bruce at PPPIDC, on the outside, looking in

I was the newbie here and thus felt like I was on the outside, looking in. I was the first up in the division and when all was said and done, Vader and I got a score of 75 out of a possible 100.


First PPPIDC toss from Bruce to his Disc (Frisbee) Dog, Vader

I came to the PPPIDC with specific requirements in mind about how our routine needed to be, but as the day wore on I think I missed the point of some of the required elements of the event. But that's OK. Next time, right!?  I was pretty happy with being a part of this event, despite a few things that went awry just before and during my performance appearance.

I still had a fun time on the field. The audience in the stands was an awesome part of that process.

We stuck around to watch the rest of the competitors and we guesstimated that we came in 11th out of 15 competitors.  Hmm, humble pie is tastier when served on the beach at Huntington Beach, CA!  LOL.

This is why disc dog Vader is known as the high-flying Cattle Dog

Regardless. I had the opportunity to play on this famous disc dog competitor's field and that is something not too many can say! Thanks to Purina and all the folks who made this experience possible.

Here's Vader's Flickr Album link, with a few more pics in it if you're interested...

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