Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Team Vader's Galt Strawberry Festival Report & Our Next Appearance

Team Vader headed out to Galt, CA, for their annual Strawberry Festival last weekend. It was fun for all where we were a part of two shows, with perfect weather and a great setup. We had a blast.

The fun of it was that this time around, Lark participated in her first full blown freestyle routine, while Rue had an opportunity to showcase her "skills," so to speak.

Before you ask, Lark has participated in previous demos, but she's the go-to dog for showing spectators how to get their dog started in the world of disc dog play, whether it be for fun or the sport. She's really good at showing off the basics of how to get started.

But this time around, with her own FS moment she got her own theme song music going (Flo Rida, Wild Ones) and had a minute of show-off time!

Of course Vader did his usual thing, but with a little bit more pizazz. He had the zoomies while doing the routine!


Rue's Kingdom, the Director's Chair

But for us, the star of the show was Rue! It was her first time out and being a part of a demo and she was going to be part of the disc dog races.

A disc dog race is where you toss or roll a disc out for a few feet, let the dog retrieve it, and bring it back to you. The team who does this two times, the fastest, wins!

Seems simple enough...  but Rue had other plans.

Rue, get back here!!!

From the word 'go!,' whatever plan the humans had, had no bearing on what Rue was going to do and off she bolted!!!

Don't worry, it's en enclosed space so she could not escape.

Rue's Fly-by to check out the opposing team...

Rue bolted for the far side of the field to check out the spectators, then zigged to the right to check out our opponents, then zagged to the left to taunt her K9 opponent!

In your face! I've got this!!!

On top of this, the announcer, Steve Teer, was quick enough to switch up the sound track and played the Benny Hill Theme song, which was absolutely perfect! (Technically known as Yakety Sax.)

Hit play and listen to the first 30 seconds and imagine Bruce chasing Rue all over the "field of competition" to this!

The day was a total blast!!!

- - -

Our next event will be out in San Ramon at the San Ramon Art & Wind Festival.

The event itself will be held on Sunday and Monday, May 29-30, 2016; 11am-6pm at San Ramon Central Park, 12501 Alcosta Blvd, San Ramon. Sponsors of the event include Chevron, Bishop Ranch, San Ramon Regional Medical Center, Waste Management, REMax, Republic Services, Sutter Health, Xfinity, 101.7 KKIQ and Marriott San Ramon.

Team Vader and the DDoGG Demo Team will be there on Sunday, May 29th..

Our first show will be on the Chevron Main Stage, starting at 12:30.
Our second show will be at the Amphitheater Stage starting at 2:00pm.

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