Monday, May 16, 2016

Team Vader At DDoGG "Tournament Day in May" Event

You  ready Vader? I am ready Bruce!

Disc Dog Vader and the rest of Team Vader showed up in San Ramon, CA, for Disc Dogs of the Golden Gate tournament called "Tournament Day in May." It was wonderful weather and there was a great turnout at this event!

Run Lark, run like the wind!!!

Lark and Vader were competing, but my throwing wasn't too great when Lark and I were up. In one round I had a photographer in the way and Lark didn't like him in her way and she let the disc land.  That was my bad because I threw that disc about 40 or 50 feet beyond the end of the 120-foot long field. Oops. Poor Lark!

Give me "five" and let's get to it buddy!

Vader and I had a pretty good freestyle round and in our second round for points, our toss and fetch round, we did OK and pulled out a great last catch at the end our round, where Vader had to run out to around 170+ feet to snag it! (I just happened to have measured the spot earlier that day during practice.)


That helped shore up the win.

Vader won the Open Freestyle division against eight other competitors while Lark and I took 9th out of 16 in the Pro division. Sigh.

Here are some PICTURES FROM THE DAY, over on FLICKR.

Our next event is a demonstration at the Galt, CA Strawberry Festival! If you're nearby come out and catch the fun! There will be two shows at 11am and 2pm!


CHECK OUT the DISC DOG stuff on AMAZON, in case you need some stuff, like say, some Hyperflite discs, since the new rules for Skyhoundz will be kicking in on July 1st.  (There will be more on that coming up pretty soon. Trust me.)

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