Friday, August 21, 2015

Vader's Upcoming Demo and Taking Up the Cause to Help To Fight Cancer

Vader's Upcoming Event is helping the American Cancer Society in their battle against this evil disease.

Cancer is an important issue in today's world and it is crazy to think that every one in three folks are impacted by this insidious disease. That and other personal reasons are why Team Vader (Now nicknamed "The Flying Disc Dog" By TACS) and pals from Disc Dogs of the Golden Gate are going to be doing a demo or two at

The American Cancer Society's "Bark For Life of San Francisco," event taking place this Saturday, August 22nd, 2015! (Yes, the page says "Vader's World flying disc dog" but this is a DD of the Golden Gate team demo!)

(Yes, that was me, killing time and making happy faces with discs.)

Our first demo show is slated to go off just after 11am, just after the 5k (and other distances) walk winds down and we have a second show scheduled, but event coordinators may pull that if the crowd diminishes. Though all we need is one or two fans to look longingly at our dogs and then poof, we're all flying through the air.

Oh, and one other thing, Vader's World finally got its act together and created a YouTube channel!  Boo ya!!!

And stay tuned. Boy do we possibly have something exciting in the works for next weekend.

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