Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Vader's Music Video, And Introducing Vader's YouTube Channel

Vader's World video: Vader The Bark Lord

That's right folks, you read that right, Vader has his own music video, and it is totally cool.

Before Amy and I knew what we were getting into... Vader had been left behind at a doggy daycare down in Southern California by his past/ex owner and he ended up being fostered via Ann McQuillen's Performance Rescue, AKA, Performance ResQ.

Vader on the river - pre splash dogs!

Vader's foster parents, via Ann, were Leah and Shane, and we are all eternally grateful for their caring tendencies with Vader. They treated him like one of the gang, taking him boating, hiking and other things.

Vader out hiking in the mountains

They're good people!

And we were lucky enough to have Vader fostered by someone who knew someone who has a wicked talent at making super creative videos, one of them, being of Vader.

That's right, without further adieu and presented for your entertainment via Vader's new YouTube Channel, the "Bunny Bite Production" of Vader, the Bark Lord music video.

{Original Vimeo Link} < (Just in case YT gets cranky about the music in the background.)

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