Monday, August 4, 2014

Update from San Ramon DDotGG Event

Update from Disc Dogs of the Golden Gate Aug 3rd event!

It would seem that even though we were concerned for Vader's well being and recovering from his injury, he seems to have no ill effects (that we can see immediately) from competing yesterday.

We only competed in the Pro (Toss and Catch) Division and we were able to do so as two teams, Bruce and Vader, and Amy and Vader.

Despite taking a few weeks off, Vader did spectacularly, in combination with my practicing like a mad dog over the last few weeks and Amy just getting better and better as the days go on.

In our division Vader and I scored a 25-point day after two rounds of 11 and 14 points. That's a pretty big scoring day for our efforts.

2nd place had 18 points and Amy and Vader came in third with 13 points for the day.

All in all, it was a fun day, with no discernible limping afterwards from Vader. We're still keeping a close eye on him and will have some moderate practices, being as how we're headed to Sonoma this Sunday for a demonstration at another baseball game.

To be honest, I enjoyed competing in the Pro division.  When Vader and I broke out of the Novice division last year we only competed once in the Pro division and then we started doing the Open division (freestyle and T&C).  And so just having two rounds of Toss and Catch was rather fun and I think I may stay in the Pro division for a few more events before getting back into the world of the Open division.  We'll see. But just in case, I guess notice has been served!  -Bruce

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