Monday, July 7, 2014

Vader's Diving Day and Upcoming Plans

Here's a quick update on Vader's Splash Dogs event, and what's he up to over the next few weekends...


Well, Vader tackled his first Splash Dogs competition out in Hollister, and it was fun and disappointing all at once.

We "won" a ribbon for farthest jump in the "Splash" division.  That's the shortest jump division there is.  But we had the shortest jump of the day in that round, and we were the only dog in the division.

Boo ya!

Our next round out, we jumped too far for the "Splash" division and didn't do too hot in the next division up.  As far as we can tell.

The day was a little short of our expectations, but hey, practice makes perfect.  Right? And we're a DISC DOG!


With our first experience of Dock Diving competition out of our way, we're moving on to what we do best... disc chasing fun!

Saturday, Jul 12:  Disc Dogs of the Golden Gate tourney in San Ramon.

Sunday, Jul 13: Disc Dog Demo team appearance in San Rafeal;

Saturday, Jul 19: Disc Dog Demo team, NILES Dog Show, in Fremont.


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