Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vader Will Be Where This Saturday, 6-7-14?

Vader Will Be Where This Saturday, 6-7-14?

So where will Vader be this upcoming Saturday, June 7thTeam Vader will be showing up in Sacramento with the Disc Dogs of the Golden Gate demo team for a few fun demonstrations during at the 2014 Doggy Dash event in Sacramento, CA.

We'll be a small part of the demonstration team putting on a show at 8:30am and 10:00am.

What's the Doggy Dash?  No, it's not a dog race.It's an event put on by the Sacramento SPCA and is known...

"As the greatest annual fundraising event for the Sacramento SPCA, it is a celebration of people coming together to raise much-needed funds that provide the Sacramento SPCA the means to care for more than 11,000 each year."

They have a great day planned out, from the opening 2k walk in the morning at 9am, a Sacramento PD K9 Unit demonstration, and lots of contest events, like "Most enthusiastic wag," to "Best Tricks," and other cool contests.

If you're pondering coming out to check out the freestyle demonstration, keep in mind that there's a heat advisory in effect for Saturday at the time this article was written. Bring plenty of water, plus bring extra water, and hats, and did I mention water?


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