Saturday, June 14, 2014

Belmont's Water Dog Lake Park - A Mini Review

Disc Dog Vader checks out a lake

The Vader's World team decided to check out Water Dog Lake Park in Belmont.

First things first... using Google Maps to find where to go to get into the park seemed off a bit if you want the most direct route to the dog lake itself.  The shortest route, which is about half a mile from one of the entrances is on Lyall Way just before Lake Road.  And it's an uphill walk, but it's not a horrible incline.

Word on the street is that though there are many options for parking around the location, keep your eyes on the parking restrictions in some locations.

To be honest, Water Dog Lake Park is a pretty big place, with many dog walking hiking options.

It's called a heavily wooded park, and there was plenty of shade on the short route we took.

Yes, signs say dogs allowed, on leash.  But once we got to the lake, well, there were plenty of dogs swimming around, so we weren't alone in enjoying the place.  Everyone there was fun and friendly.

More pics from the day are over on Vader's Flickr Album.

{ Google Maps to Water Dog Lake }

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